The Problem of Newspapers for iPad

The design of The Daily is very careful and very adapted to the iPad, and yet, as I was looking at it, I had a strange feeling that something was not right. After giving it a few laps, I realized what it was: today I have the feeling of waste again. I explain:
Have you ever been subscribed to a magazine? I do, and I’ve always ended up giving me a low because I did not have time to read more than a couple of articles of each number and ended up seeing the subscription as an absurd way to accumulate paper. Then came the Internet, RSS feeds and Twitter and I managed to “follow” many media and authors but without the feeling of waste. For my Twitter, for example, dozens of articles from The Economist; I only see some of them happen and I only click on a few, but I feel perfectly comfortable because I do not accumulate everything I do not read: it just happens without more.
The problem of downloadable newspapers like The Daily is that they return to the accumulation model: every day you accumulate dozens of articles that you can only read a few. It seems to me a backward turn.
A different case is that of the iPad versions of magazines such as Wired, in which you buy each number individually: you do not accumulate more than you can read and, being more timeless content, it does not matter if you take a week or a month to read Magazine.
What is your opinion? Do you like the downloadable newspaper subscription model?

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